Travelling With Children

Driving kids to school, practices and lessons tests the strongest will power at even the best of times. Everyone loves "Top 10" lists, right. Well, here's a list that may just help keep you safe (and sane) the next time you travel with children.

1) Never be late Kids depend on punctuality to build trust.

2) Know where you're going You'd think this would be self-explanatory, but you'd be surprised how difficult it is to manage a carload of children while you're asking for directions!

3) Make sure everyone's wearing a safety belt or is securely in their car seat This is not only critical for safety, it's the law in many states.

4) Stay calm Take a deep breath before you react to any situation in the car. Keeping your cool will also help reduce your agitation with other drivers and help you make better driving decisions.

5) Keep voices and music at a reasonable level By reducing the volume, you reduce driver distraction (and, in the process, keep the kids safer from harm).

6) Be aware of each child's allergies, if any If you're a member of a regular carpool, ask parents to list allergies, adverse food reactions and any other medical conditions you need to be aware of as a driver.

7) Hand out easy-to-clean-up snacks Have you ever cleaned peanut butter from car upholstery? Nuff said.

8) Learn songs or stories to sing/tell along the way Not only will this keep the kids from getting too fidgety, but it's also good, clean fun!

9) Keep a box of tissues handy Kids and runny noses are as inseparable as Batman & Robin and a pack of tissues can really come in handy.

10) Always have the other parents' contact numbers on hand See #6. You never know when you're going to need this information until you do, so take an ounce of prevention and get it ahead of time.