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Courteous and efficient.
Randall W.
Good Service!
Gary L
Service was perfect! Really helps getting a ride home for the day while the car was worked on.
John L.
We had our 2014 Ford Explorer serviced for the first time. The service staff explained all that was done and were helpful with a few questions. The best part was this first service was free....what a nice surprise. We have always been happy with our service at Gillis and will continue to bring our vehicle in when needed.
Barbara H.
I believe in shopping local. The people at Gillis treat me like family. I have done advertising work for them on a radio station. Will definitely be back and tell my friends about Gillis Auto. They treat you like family. Cheers
Madhu L.
Good job on budget, and Lloyd is the best!
Bill L.
Lloyd is always so helpful and the staff gives me a ride when I have to leave the car longer. I would not take my Jeep anywhere else. They have it washed and I so like that.
Boyd S.
Chris is AMAZING!!!! He helped me find the best car for my family and explained everything in a way I could understand. He was also great with my 2 year old while we were car shopping.
Katherine P.
I purchased an Escape, and the salesman, Jim, was very courteous and helpful, telling me to feel free to come back at anytime if I had any questions. There are a lot of things to learn, and I will probably take him up on that.
Nancy W.
The staff is always helpful and very friendly. Service is prompt and well done.
Ric W.
Like always everything was done right and on time!
John C.
I love my car!!! Best purchase I've done in a long time. And Randy was so friendly and informative and got us a great deal. Job well done.
Richard H.
Another beautiful day at Gillis. I have always received courteous and efficient service from Gillis. Makes me happy that I bought from them.
David H.
Staff very helpful. Project was diagnostic, and did not take long.
David M.
I just bought a 2014 F-150 and the experience was great. The sales and financing staff were great to work with and answered every question I had.
Shawn C.
Gillis Ford was amazing.....Love my Flex and our salesman Jim was very helpful without being pushy! We felt like everyone at Gillis appreciated us and sincerely wanted to make our buying experience pleasant. Would recommend Gillis to everyone!
Ross R.
I have had a decades long relationship with the Hilburn/Gillis Ford dealership. I have enjoyed the experience of having my vehicles service there. Everybody makes an extra effort to accommodate my needs. Dan Piles in the service department took care of my 2000 F-250 from the time it was new. It's hard to emphasize enough the importance of building relationships.
Ron R.
Always a good experience. Prompt service. Never take my vehicles anywhere else.
Verena W.
Happy with Gillis! We bought the car new at Gillis and have always had it service there. The service has always been a positive experience. I always wait when I'm there for service but I never have to wait longer than expected.
Emma K.
Staff were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Excellent car buying experience.
Shawn C.
I had a coupon for an oil change and tire rotation but after looking at my invoice it appears the tire rotation was not done.
Mike H.
People at the service desk were very friendly and helpful and informative.
John W.
Staff is always friendly and very helpful.
Shiane S.
The staff is very friendly. I like doing business there because of the fast service and my ability to make an appointment within a reasonable amount of time. Thanks.
Frank B.
Looked great.
Noel S.
We enjoy the Family attitude that makes us always feel welcome.
Rebecca F.
Roy is Great. Best guy.
H. J.
Our truck runs like it did when it was new. And I like the way we were treated. Everyone was very helpful. Thank you.
Allan G.
I appreciate the Professional and Friendly service I have always received from the Gillis Auto Center staff, for my 2008 Ford F-250 4x4 Diesel (bought from Gillis in 2010). There have been times I took a short-cut to have my truck serviced by more local Ford dealerships, but never did I get the same quality or personalized service as from the staff at Gillis. Granted, their location is a bit out of the way, but when my truck needs Anything done, Gillis is the only place I will allow to service it! Are you looking for stellar professional service for your vehicle, I recommend without reservation Gillis Auto Center, Shelton, WA. Sincerely, David (Olympia).
David S.
I didn't purchase from you, but will in the future. Always very friendly staff. I never have to wait long to get my car serviced. I always recommend Gillis.
Patty O.
On a Sunday recently, I had my 2010 Dodge Journey towed to Gillis Auto Center, after my car appeared to overheat and leak water. The next morning I received a call from the service department at Gillis. The staff was very friendly and efficient and made every effort to have my vehicle diagnosed ASAP. I was informed and asked for my permission for diagnostics/repairs etc., throughout the process. I was happy to receive my repaired vehicle the next day. My only disappointment was that my vehicles particular issue, was not covered under my contract/warranty.
Lynn K.
Fast Friendly Service!
Larry Y.
Ford F150 Crew Cab. Service is always good. Staff is knowledgeable, courteous and thorough. Any questions I've had are resolved quickly. My service experiences have always been pleasant.
David S.
I don't have anything bad to say about anything or anyone. It went smoothly. Everyone was just great.
Richard H.
It was great except they said it would take 3 hours - because I was waiting this was important and I dropped it off at 10:10. They gave me a ride to Shelton City Center a few miles away. They called me at 3:25 to say it was done! A big time difference.
Jill C.
Randy was knowledgeable and professional in every meeting during our buying process. He and Scott (who arranged the financing and handled all the paperwork) were respectful of our wishes and answered every question we had. Our 2015 Ford Fiesta is exactly what we'd been hoping to find in an economical and comfortable car. Well done!
William E.
Staff is great. Tried to fix my car from hell, but did the best they could. It was a more difficult issue so I had to take it to Volvo. The whole staff is nice and really go the distance to try to resolve any problems. Would come back again, if I have any other car trouble.
Gernie W.
Purchased a 2009 Chevy Cobalt and I received excellent service from your salesman and staff. Your finance man worked very hard to get me the terms I could afford and I'm very thankful for the effort.
Roselee V.
Did a great job washing my truck after it was serviced!
Tom D.
The service staff was very helpful and used extra effort to schedule my brake change and service immediately. I was so grateful. Whey they were not able to wash my car at the end of the day after service they gave me a rain-check for the next time I get my car serviced. I was also grateful for the rides to and from the dealership after my car was left for service. The drivers were friendly and relatable.
Barbara W.
Everything exceeded our expectations.
Sundance A.
I needed a special check on my Ram pickup and was told they could not get to it until Thursday, but leave it and if they had a cancellation they would try to work it in. In stead of having to wait 3 days for the repair, they called me that same evening and said that my pickup was ready. They had been able to work it in. That is what I call superior service.
Gilford P.
We purchased a new Durango R/T at Gillis Auto. They didn't have what I wanted in stock so they went out and got it! Perfect!! Everyone there was great to work with. Thank you Gillis Motors.
George B.
This was my first oil-change on my new car. Dropped it off early; service department was great. Picked it up nice and clean. Thank you all, from Jose (who stayed late to take me home) to Roy and company. Thanks guys.
David H.
Have always been pleased with the professionalism of the staff. Would have liked to have some coffee but it was all gone, other than that everything was great. That is why I keep coming back.
Kathy H.
I purchased a 2007 Jeep Liberty approximately 4 years ago from Gillis Auto. So Each and every time on entering your service department, I am greeted with a smile and pleasant hello by Lloyd. Very quick and polite check-in, estimate and questions are handled quickly. Don't see inside service area to watch everybody work but service is completed and in price estimate. All personnel are friendly which means a lot.
Dennis S.
I can always expect excellent service from the Gillis employees, who are very attentive to the needs of both myself and my vehicle.
David K
If you loathe the snarky, polished dealerships where salesmen ooze distrust, then Gillis is a great alternative. Buying a car is not a favorite experience for me. Although I like the car I buy, I usually leave with a queasiness in the pit of my gut knowing I was just ripped off. After corresponding with Jan, Gillis' Internet Pro, my husband and I drove over an hour to visit Gillis Auto even though we have a Dodge dealership in the town where we live. The internet price was good and we decided to take a chance. The dealership is small and nestled outside Shelton, WA. Drew, our sales contact, met us at the door. He had pulled the vehicle out of the rain (this is Washington) so we could look it over. We had discussed terms of the loan beforehand so Drew knew what we wanted. The entire process took 2.5 hours. Dave and Scott who handled our financing and paperwork were friendly and efficient. I've never used the words auto dealership and trustworthy, but I felt this way at Gillis Auto. Gillis is small and staffed with honest people who know the correct balance between profit and relationships. I will recommend Gillis anytime to any one.
Sandy WB
Wow! You guys are great. I am very impressed with your and Jeff's level of customer support at replacing the entire harness and the rest of your efforts to get the car restored. That is simply outstanding and a very refreshing experience in todays profit driven world. Honestly, I have always been a GM guy but when they became Government Motors I decided to try out the only true historical US automaker left, Ford. After this experience I am very happy with my decision. Thanks to you and the team you represent. Please let me know what I can do to get the good word out about how Gillis and Riverside go way above and beyond to take care of their clients.
Jack K.
Great place, never felt pressured, the staff was wonderful! I ended up purchasing a car from Gillis and they were great. I would purchase an auto here again in the future.
Linday O.
I have purchased several vehicles from Gillis Auto Center. Each transaction was smooth. The vehicles I purchased were exactly as advertised. They are great people to work with.
Dean B.
Thank you for the gift card for Thanksgiving. That was so nice of you.
Paul & Janis
As always, my truck was serviced quickly. The people at Gillis have done excellent work every time I've used their services.
Ray D.
Our salesman Drew was very personable and well informed about Ford products. We enjoyed the experience and would definitely refer our friends to him and to Gillis Auto Sales.
Ronald H.
Jan, Thanks to you and everyone at Gillis for making this such a smooth transaction. Seemed a little anti-climactic not to have a knock-down, drag-out over a car deal.
Lisa B.
On October 10th I paid $4400 for an 03 Dodge Durango. As soon as I drove it off the lot, the Check Gauge Light came on, two hours later it overheated, broke down and my wife called stranded on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. I was furious, I bought this vehicle as is, no warranty. I'm out $5000 right? WRONG!! I brought the car back to the service department, sat there for almost 3 hours to have it repaired. Twenty minutes later, same problem. The service department and the salesmen gave me a loaner car to use while they fixed the problem. Because I bought the car as is, no warranty it's going to cost me a fortune right? WRONG again. It didn't cost me a penny. There is not a dealership that does business as good as Gillis. My wife suffered a back injury at work and has won a huge settlement. In a few months we will be shopping for a NEW truck and we will not shop anywhere else but Gillis Auto Center EVER. My aunt has bought and traded several vehicles from GIllis which is why I chose to shop there. The treatment I received from sales manager, David Draper, and Lloyd in the service department is why I won't ever go to another dealership. Thank you Gillis for going way above and beyond to make a customer satisfied and doing the right thing. Gillis should be voted the best dealership in Washington, the staff at Gillis is incredible, I can't thank you enough. I look forward to our next purchase from Gillis. Best regards to your entire staff.
Robert A.
Dear Jeff:

The Saints' Pantry Food Bank recently received more than 110 pounds of food items
from your auto center to be used in our Backpack program. This donation will go a long
way in helping the more than 150 backpacks we prepare each week for students in the
Shelton School system during the school year. It is hard to believe that we have
homeless students in the system, but it is a reality we have to live with.

We serve between 5,000 and 5,500 individual clients a month at the Pantry. The
backpack program is separate from this total because we feel it is an important program
and one that needs to be addressed. It is overwhelming to me just how many low income
families there are as well as kids that do not have a sustainable home.

It is folks like you that make this job of feeding the hungry worthwhile. We know we
can't do it alone and appreciate all the help we receive. Please extend our appreciation to
your employees and clients as well. Thanks so much.
Billie L. Howard, President
The Saints' Pantry Board of Directors
Very Good.............
Dennis W.
Our salesman Drew Sandgren was very professional and was, all in all, very knowledgeable about everythink involving the new car. You guys should feel VERY fortunate to have a guy like this working for you! A "great" guy"......
Irvin H.
Dear Mr. Gillis

My experience with Joel, Jan, and Brian made for an exceptionally pleasant experience. Jan provided a warm welcome with two umbrellas in hand, as we stood outside in the pouring rain, looking at the car I ended up buying. Joel provided a calm, low-pressure, straight forward, and sincere approach to making the sale. Brian finalized the paperwork in a relaxed, professional manner.

I appreciated the low-pressure, sincere environment.
Carrie B.
Hi Jan, You made umbrellas special! Thank you for your awesome help! Enjoying the Elantra a lot.
Carrie B.
This has been the most pleasurable car buying experience I have ever had. Many thanks to Harry, Brian, Jeff, Jan, Dave, Paule, Jack, Lynda and Lloyd! There was one other salesperson whose name I can't recall at this time but suffice to say everbody has been wonderful.
Jeff W.
Customer Viewpoint on Service Experience - Very Good.
Dennis K.
Drew was very friendly and fun to work with. He made every effort to insure that the C-Max was a car that we could tow behind our motor home. He did not pressure us into buying the vehicle. His explanations of the features of the car were clear. He spent extra time to be certain that we knew how to use all of the features.
Bruce M.
Great overall experience.
Stan E.
It was the first place we went and only car I test drove. I knew that was what I wanted and the salesman was a very patient, polite and wonderful man which made the whole experience a lot easier.
William W.
Customer Viewpoint - Very Good, No Problems.
Kenneth L.
Customer Viewpoint - Fabulous, Drew is great.
Sandra R.
Customer Viewpoint - They are always courteous and answer all my questions. Loaner car set up for times car is in longer. I do recommend Gillis to friends - my son is also a regular customer.
Richard B.
Customer Viewpoint - I recently had the pleasure of making the purchase of a new 2012 F-150 Lariat Supercab 4X4 from Gillis Auto Center in Shelton, WA. I used to equate buying a new vehicle from any dealer I had previously dealt with to getting a tooth pulled. Not only was that not the case with Gillis, but the service and professionalism in which they took care of me exceeded that of any and all sectors of business dealings in recent memory. Never have I been more Satisfied-Happier or Impressed by a Company, its product or its Sales Support as I was with Joel Whited and the rest of the Gillis Team. Thank You!
Patrick P. & Rhonda M.
Customer Viewpoint - They did a great job working around my very tight schedule. I will take all my vehicles to their shop for any service over other dealerships in the area.
Travis T.
Dear Harry....Just want to say "Thank You" for your real professional treatment. Will drop by to see you sometime.

Dear Harry......Your compassionate nature is very much appreciated!! Thank you!
Paul K. & Kathy M.
Thanks Jeff. That little car you sold us is a gem. I just love driving it. Living here in Bremerton, we have filled the gas tank 4 times in this last year. How's that!
Patricia S.
Congratulations to Gillis Auto for being #1 in the Cars/Trucks category of the Best of Mason County 2012 poll!
H. McCutcheon
Congratulations for being chosen as the best of Mason County 2012!
Heritage Bank
Customer Viewpoint - I appreciate that there was no pressure to get us into any car and the sales person was open to whatever we were wanting to do. The saleperson answered our every question. Thanks.
Clifford B.
Customer Viewpoint - Great buying experience! John was very helpful!
Cheryl R.
Customer Viewpoint - This is the third Ford F-150 we have bought since 1998. Every deal has been a very good experience.
Frank M.
Customer Viewpoint - We have purchased a lot of Fords over the years and Joel (our salesperson) and Brian (our financial manager) made our purchase easy and stress free, better than all the other dealerships we purchased from: we were treated as family and still are. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Aaron W.
Customer Viewpoint - Our salesman made it so pleasant. Very happy with our car.
Pauline C.
Customer Viewpoint - I cannot make enough positive comments about the wonderful service from my salesperson and Gillis. This was my first purchase without the assistance of my father, so stress was involved. But my salesman listened to my wants and needs, helping me find just the right vehicle for me with even more extras! When I started my search I only knew that a wanted a Ford. Joel, my salesperson, has continued to follow up with me and my new journey with my Ford Fusion. It has been a spectacular experience thanks to him and the folks at Gillis.
Sandy T.
My sincere THANK YOU to your Service Department and Mechanics. I had my 2012 Taurus Limited in, which I purchased from Gillis, for a right front brake caliper check, an oil and filter change, plus a complete undercoating. All was completed ahead of schedule and below the estimate. Additionally, with the undercoating, the "normal" road noise was reduced by about 2/3. Thank you for your great service. Ray F. Longaker Jr
Joel - I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. I love my car which is more than I'd hoped for! Yours and Cheryl's visit underlined the thoughtfulness & graciousness and really perked me up. By the way, the flowers lasted through this week. You truly are GREAT PEOPLE! Thanks for everything - Sandy
To Jeff Gillis, Mgr:
Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated the extra service provided by Jack Sinks.

He personally delivered my part - THAT is how you get happy customers.

Please thank Jack for me!!
Roger S.
Mr. Gillis and Staff,
I wanted to take a moment to let you know how very much we thank you and Drew and all the staff in the service dept. It took us a while but your staff never gave up and because of their diligence Mel and I now have our pretty and shiny red car home with - we've really taken to her - she's a wonderful little and we love her.

But again, if not for your staff making sure of our comfort, the "loaner" car, etc... little things like that will definitely send us back to Gillis and our firends have been told the same.

So again - many, many "Thank You"'s!
Mel and Renee S.
(Red Chevy Impala)
To all of you:
Thank you for helping me find just the "right" car for me and taking care of them. My car is beyond important to me and getting my seat covers on and license plates was huge for me. Along with my new floor mats and steering wheel cover it is beyond great. It is just plain "yummy!!"

And oh my God! I did not know what a Sirius was. I do now! Mercy, my car is fancy. Happy! Happy! Happy!

You really made my day.

Thank you again,
Grace H.
Dear Gillis Automotive:
I just wanted to say "Thank You." The service I've received has been great and I've always been treated with respect and kindess. Last time I brought my car in, I arrived an hour early - didn't realize it until much later. (Never changed the time on the clock in my car and first time I got confused by it.)

No one said anything - my car was serviced in a timely way, as if my goof never happened.

Janet B.
Thank You, Gillis Auto Center!
From the Members and Staff at Mason County Senior Activities Center
To all the Gillis workers in the service shop:
When you travel in an RV, any kind of breakdown is disconcerting, to say the least. We were so lucky that our recent breakdown happened in Shelton and we found you all so willing to help us get up and running again!

You all made a bad situation a lot easier to take.

Thanks again for all your help and getting us back on the road. The next time we have an issue with the RV, we'll be calling on you to help us out!

Oh and one more thank you for being open on Saturday, too!

With gratitude,
Dave and JoAnne S.
To Mr. Gillis and staff
Please allow me the opportunity to thank you and your people for an exceptional auto buying experience. Your salesperson Marvin Treadwell and your finance coordinator Brian, were exceptional in all aspects of our purchase experience. They were supportive, patient, pleasant, encouraging and put together a purchase opportunity for our desired vehicle that we did not think possible. We will promote, recommend and endorse your agency and its personnel to friends and family as .. "The best place to shop for a vehicle and to do so with people worthy of your buisness.

Thanking you again,
Brad and Cassie B.
Dear Friends,
I want to thank you so much for my wonderful experience on Saturday at your business - I have been a long time customer and my service on Saturday was so excellent!! Kyle was so helpful and a joy to be around! Not pushy and I really appreciated that as a customer the rest of the staff was friendly and so helpful.

But, especially thanks so so much Kyle -

Thank You,
Susan D.
(Ma Ma Sue)
Great dealership. Great customer service throughout the dealership. Knowledgeable and caring staff.
Cary M.